Various other pics from Stoneleigh 2001

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UDH 581W

We met up with Philip Douglas on the M1
and headed, in convoy with Steve in
his 90, for Stoneleigh!

Phil hasn't had 'Fran' for long, but has
really got stuck into the camper conversion
in readiness for his planned
Operation Africa Expedition
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BAH 397X

Parked just behind the 101 Club stand
I've no idea who owns this nice UN
ambulance body.
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LAE 468X

We spotted this nice Gulf veteran
in the showground and simply couldn't
work out what the brackets were for!
They appear to be original
(if you see what I mean), but
the owner wasn't nearby, so we
couldn't ask...
Anyone know?
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Spotted in the same camping area as us.

This tidy GS in this environment was too
good an opportunity to miss taking a
piccie with Grumble :-)
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