101 Club Stand

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How many 101s can you fit into a 60' X 60' space?
Full marks to Steve (Gully) Gulliford, the 101 Club Show Officer for a super job.
Steve is still quite new to this role and has demonstrated a superb commitment to
what must surely be a quite thankless task.  Well done Steve and also big thanks to
everyone else on the stand, exhibitors and visitors.  There really was a warm and
friendly welcome, which was commented upon by many casual visitors who had
just 'dropped by'.  I learned a great deal from chatting to other owners
and came back with some very good ideas and somewhat remotivated!

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MEU163P-001-stoneleigh-2001.jpg (100095 bytes)

MEU 163P

This pic shows Steve Gully, Charlotte
and Max looking into this nice radio

Inside provided the opportunity to take
my second favourite pic from the entire
show, but I'm a real big softie really :-)


ORH 622P

At last!  I originally saw this at the 2000
Club AGM at Gaydon and thought it was
a converted Ambulance body, but no...

Many thanks to Roger Hill-Cottingham
(Editor of Six Stud)
for allowing me to clamber over this
remarkable camper build on a GS!
ORH622P-001-stoneleigh-2001.jpg (79830 bytes)
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ORH622P-006-stoneleigh-2001.jpg (93070 bytes) ORH622P-007-stoneleigh-2001.jpg (73010 bytes)

UNV 332R

Again, another strange camper build
that I first saw at the 2000 AGM.

This is a GS, with a drop-in box,
into which is built a "recycled
caravan".  Very cosy and with
all the comforts one could want!
UNV332R-009-stoneleigh-2001.jpg (87960 bytes)
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