Land Rover World Show

Eastnor Castle
21st - 22nd June 2003

As usual, Graham Holding brought some of his
toys along, including this Wolf prototype...
eastnor-2003-001.jpg (154937 bytes) eastnor-2003-002.jpg (190701 bytes)

...and his Pinkie...
eastnor-2003-049.jpg (155164 bytes)

Spot the problem...
eastnor-2003-037.jpg (183342 bytes)

He's also just got himself a Hagglund
eastnor-2003-035.jpg (194762 bytes) eastnor-2003-036.jpg (155096 bytes)

so Ray Adams and myself
hijacked it for a quick spin...
Pics from inside a Hagglund!
eastnor-2003-031.jpg (110495 bytes) eastnor-2003-032.jpg (109404 bytes)
eastnor-2003-033.jpg (105143 bytes) eastnor-2003-034.jpg (114574 bytes)

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