Getting more ideas...
Again, one of the true joys of any show or club event is getting
to meet other 101 owners and stealing their good ideas ;-)

The following pics are from Hannos GS - which has been designed
as the perfect camper, with the most efficient use of space I think I've ever seen.
(Rich dropped by to drunkenly collapse on the floor too)

eastnor-2002-014.jpg (83092 bytes)   eastnor-2002-015.jpg (86529 bytes)   eastnor-2002-016.jpg (89492 bytes)
eastnor-2002-017.jpg (77009 bytes)   eastnor-2002-018.jpg (79086 bytes)   eastnor-2002-019.jpg (74017 bytes)
eastnor-2002-020.jpg (77515 bytes)   eastnor-2002-021.jpg (91766 bytes)   eastnor-2002-022.jpg (63275 bytes)
eastnor-2002-023.jpg (77433 bytes)   eastnor-2002-024.jpg (89589 bytes)

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