Eastnor Castle

21-22 June 2002

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Grumble goes to say hello to the Camel Trophy stand

eastnor-2002-013.jpg (73763 bytes) It's the little things that make a good show...
I have my toolbox in the spare wheel bay of my ambi which
is generally just fine, apart from hauling it out when I need it.
I've often thought of putting a sprung handle on there, and commented on this.
Hanno went and rummaged in his GS returned with one - 5 minutes later I had it on!
Full marks Hanno!

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I returned to Grumble to find a small crowd lurking...
Happily (for me) they were not a 101 lynch mob with my
comments published in LRO or choice of colour for my 101
in mind... :-)
I thought I'd post these pics on here so they can show their
friends what they were really getting up to on Saturday night!
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Grumble goes offroad-ish...
I guess it's a little unfair to expect any show off-road course
to provide a challenge for a 101 as they have to ensure that Freelanders
can get around undamaged, but in places the 'driving skill' was to be
avoiding low branches!
Notwithstanding, we did manage to collect a fair amount of leaves
and eventually managed to get our new wheels very, very muddy :-)

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(Off-road photos taken by Picture Management Ltd)

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The relief driver takes a rest...

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