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Pics from the
101 Club Stand

For various reasons, the club stand was informally managed by Hanno, Phil, Rich (drunk-as-a-skunk Clafton) and myself...  For my own part, I referred all technical questions to Les and Ray!

John from EMLRA turned up in his Radio bodied 101 and was immediately nabbed for our stand! We eventually had three smashing Radio bodies, some very nice GS's and our three brightly coloured Ambis - a wonderful turn-out and a true credit to those members who rallied together to show the club in its best light - thanks guys!

Also 'nuf respect' to all those who have taken the time to visit this little website and came to say hello.  We really enjoy putting names to email addresses, I hope I wasn't too much of a shock for you all! :-)
eastnor-2002-010.jpg (126326 bytes) eastnor-2002-012.jpg (66491 bytes) eastnor-2002-011.jpg (144998 bytes)
Les and Ray Adams with their new (superb) Radio Body
This was the first 'public' showing for the vehicle,
which Ray intends repainting asap. His comment that
"so long as nobody thinks I did the paint job" simply
didn't wash - as the vehicle is really quite stunning.

eastnor-2002-002.jpg (93336 bytes) eastnor-2002-008.jpg (104903 bytes) eastnor-2002-009.jpg (128828 bytes) eastnor-2002-006.jpg (94449 bytes) eastnor-2002-007.jpg (100604 bytes) eastnor-2002-027.jpg (94840 bytes) eastnor-2002-028.jpg (88606 bytes) eastnor-2002-029.jpg (122281 bytes) eastnor-2002-030.jpg (112020 bytes) eastnor-2002-032.jpg (79675 bytes) eastnor-2002-033.jpg (117816 bytes)

eastnor-2002-031.jpg (76713 bytes)
The winch on Steve Jones
superb GS rebuild

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